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You May be Leading Readers to the Competition

Your website is a tool, just like your hammer. It is where your construction company lives online. It’s your virtual showroom and should be treated like the tool it is.

Most contractors I talk to know that their website needs work and that their blog is lackluster at best, and I help them turn that around through our construction marketing services and my construction marketing consulting.

Based on some of the more recent conversations I’ve had, here are several ways that your website may be turning your visitors away or even leading them straight to your competition.

Slow Loading

Have you ever had an employee or an assistant who just didn’t live up to expectations? You ask them to do something and it gets done… eventually.

That type of work may be okay for some people, but most of us would ditch that person for someone who gets the job done…now. Your website shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds to load.

Any longer than that and people give up and move to the next construction company website.

Poor Navigation

Your website’s menu navigation is the sales funnel of the website. Your visitors should be able to look through the navigation and go wherever they want without question.

The About Us page should tell about your company and your accomplishments. The home page should be a brief overview of the types of services you provide and lead people into the inside pages that go into more details on the services you provide.

Poor navigation gets confusing and causes people to doubt your ability to stick to the design build or remodel process. Believe me, I’ve had people actually tell me that!

Lack of Quality Content

Words are what sell on a website, and content is the lifeblood of a website. You need photos that really pop and words that capture your reader.

An older website that is full of keywords and key phrases may get traffic, but it will not convert that traffic into business. Quality content will inform your readers and lead them straight to the call to action.

Poor Mobile Responsiveness

Roughly 74% of homeowners look online when they’re planning to buy something or when they’re looking for a remodeler, general contractor, or some other type of tradesman.

A large number of those homeowners use a mobile device at some point to check out your website and what you have to offer. Every page of your website needs to look great on both a computer and mobile device.

Lack of a Blog

No blog = nothing to read. Yes, I know, people enjoy pictures as well, but if you don’t give them something to read they’re not going to stick around.

Some people tend to think of a blog as a personal journal, but that isn’t the purpose of a construction company blog. I can share that type of information, but it isn’t really what your readers want.

Your blog needs to be informative; it needs to show people that you know what the hell you’re talking about. Don’t just tell people that you offer high-quality workmanship show them.

Lack of Photos or Poorly Executed Photos

Cell phone photos are good for social media or to send someone a quick picture of what you’re doing at the moment, but don’t use them on your website.

Professional pictures or pictures taken using a high-quality camera and great lighting are what need to be on your website. Visitors need to be able to really see the details in your work.

Lack of Internal Linking

Your blogs and website pages need to lead your website visitors on a journey that keeps them reading about you for hours.

Use your call to action on each page and blog to lead to your gallery or to showcase some other area of the site. Links that lead to older blogs will keep those blogs active and in circulation as well.

Poorly Executed Banner Display

Win Houzz’s builder of the year award? Great, show it, but don’t link out to their site. Are you a GAF Diamond Level installer, fantastic, don’t link out. All linking away from your site does is give people a reason to leave.

The only time you should provide a link is if you are using the BBB logo with your profile on their site. Social media doesn’t count in this conversation.

No Social Sharing Options

This should be a no-brainer. People need to be able to share your content. Add social sharing buttons in areas that get noticed. Update your website regularly with blogs and share them on your own social media accounts. Encourage others to share them as well.

Don’t Let Your Website Turn People Away

Listen, I understand that not everyone is a writer or web designer, just like not everyone can build or remodel a home. I also understand that you’ll need help along the way, even after I teach you the basics.

That’s what I’m here for; construction marketing consulting is what I do, so let’s talk. I have more than 20 years of experience working with contractors, I know how to turn your website and your marketing department into a selling machine! Hopefully, this blog post helps you with your own construction marketing plan. If you need some help, you can start by reading my take on marketing in the construction industry. -Darren

Darren has worked with contractors for over 20 years. He is a member of the Construction Marketing Association and has been profiled in NARI, NAHB, Mike Rowe Works and Meet The Pro. He has consulted with companies such as BuildZoom and Houzz for his thought leadership on construction marketing.