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What Clients Say

Too many people do all their own bragging. They call themselves things like gurus or experts or ninjas and guess what, they sound like they are full of shit, don’t they?

The testimonials on this page aren’t meant to humblebrag, they are meant to provide you with enough confidence to pick up the phone or send me an email to at least check out my story, the rest you decide from there.

“Thanks for all the great info! we have a marketing meeting next month and I plan on sharing a lot of your ideas.”


“Keep up the good work”


“Took your feedback to heart and have GOOD examples on my portfolio now, you rock!”


“Once again, Darren, solid advice”


“Must-read for contractors”


“Getting so much “stuff” from Darren, even subscribing to him on YT now. He knows his “stuff!”


“I’m in the UK and since finding your site I wanted to keep your info and tips a secret. But alas I find myself sharing them with members of the forum. You are a boon to the industry, Mr Slaughter!!!”

Tim @ painterspitstop

“Just bought your guide, Darren. Awesome work man!”

Justin @

“Love all of your posts. The Contracting Trade, and so many others, are perfect for the venues offered by Social media. And it is easy to use these tools to Focus LOCAL.”

Chuck @

“Your blog is very inspirational and helpful!”

Donna @

“Good tips. I like your emphasis on fundamentals, as opposed to the contractor “trap” of skipping the basics and shooting for the moon. The most successful contractors I know do it through consistently executing fundamentals. Real simple stuff. Like relationships. That sounds pretty oxymoronish but in business it’s not. Anyways, good stuff. Thanks.”

Scott @

“Overall, I consider the services Darren Slaughter has done for me and my company Freedom Builders & Remodelers money well spent. I highly recommend the helpful insights Darren has to offer and look forward to many more. Thanks Darren!”

Shawn Warren, CEO/Owner Freedom Builders & Remodelers

Darren: I wanted to ‘publically’ thank you for rebuilding my website and turning it into a ‘lead machine’! We had a decent looking website in the past but had two major problems with it. 1) We did not come up in organic searches 2) We did not have a well formated ‘call to action’ to convert viewers to leads. We are now ranked on page one on most searches and 2/3′s of our google analytic hits are from organic searches. You website design work has given us the tools and confidence to succeed in today’s ‘tougher than ever’ business climate. …

Bill Moseley, President Garages-N-More, Inc.

“Their websites are 2nd to none and he is a pleasure to do business with. I get lots of work coming through the website Darren and his team did.”

Sam Graham, Sam Graham Painting & Decorating

“I could trust Darren and his team to build my website and keep the social media wheels turning. They have proven to be trustworthy and I have never looked back.”

Sam Bradley, Sam Bradley Custom Homes

I recently hired Darren to upgrade my website. Home remodeling contractors know how vital it is to not only have a great looking website but also to make sure it is functional and user friendly. After talking to three web developers, I knew Darren had what it takes to put a great website together for our company. Darren and his team are extremely knowledgeable, creative, patient, and open to suggestions. We are very pleased with the result and have got many compliments on the newly revamped website. I look forward to working with them on marketing us through social media …

Ray Rahni, Paint Track

Darren & his team are the real deal…period. In fact, once a couple of our bigger projects get rolling here soon I will gladly be writing another check with Darren Slaughter’s name on it.

Bob Benhardt, Benhardt Construction & Remodeling

You are still my only paid advertising and this has worked better at keeping me on the top of the search engines than anything else I have tried. The thing I like most is how everything you do goes on my sites and social media to help brand me and not some 3rd party site linking back to me.

Kevin Shroyer, PrimeSpec Consulting

Darren shares a lot of value for any contractor that is looking for information on how to improve his marketing on social media. Thanks for all your help!

Randy Patton, White Roofing Systems

You should hold church every Sunday just for tradesmen.

Christopher Ciongoli, Christopher Ciongoli Inc.

I followed you guys at least 4 years before engaging Darren Slaughter. I should have done it sooner but I had people in my office telling me “you don’t need that help.” I finally blew them off and I was right. You guys are way better than having in-house staff doing the work. Also very impressive is that you think about the cost to us in the process! I almost hate to refer you guys and let my secret out.

Doug Bush, CMS Bush & Craft Steel Works