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Social Media Isn’t a Passing Fad

I’m a big believer in not letting the truth get in the way of a good story. So here’s a fact for my social media holdouts who still think it’s a flash in the pan or it’s not for them or my fav…it’s going to go away tomorrow.

Facebook just crossed the 2 billion users earlier this year, but yeah, it’ll probably just go away. 71% of people surveyed online say they would do business with a company that they follow online.

They would do business, 71% of the people asked said they would do business with a company they follow online, get it…that they follow online.

Wow, that’s a huge number, that is an enormous number.

So if you’re not creating content, if you’re not posting, if you’re not talking about your business, if you’re not teaching, if you’re not executing some type of social media strategy, well, guess what those 71 out of 100 people are doing? They’re buying from people you compete against. Enjoy your weekend!

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Darren has worked with contractors for over 20 years. He is a member of the Construction Marketing Association and has been profiled in NARI, NAHB, Mike Rowe Works and Meet The Pro. He has consulted with companies such as BuildZoom and Houzz for his thought leadership on construction marketing.