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Where Do You Go For Ideas?


Where do you go to develop ideas or work on something strategically, or just to get inspired? Do you stay inside construction or do you look at other places or things?

A lot of times I will look at industrial design websites for design inspiration. For writing inspiration, I will go to the supermarket and…wait for it….buy a Cosmo.


Nobody writes headlines better than the headline writers at Cosmo!

I go to Starbucks a lot to try and work on colors palettes. I love their color choices, but I’m a bit partial to earth tones, so that may be why.  A lot of times I will dig out the kid’s Legos and just start putting blocks together. The act of building just opens up the creative juices that I need.

When I am really in a jam, I will get in the shower….yep, for some reason, most of my better ideas come to me in the shower…so, I have a grease pen in the shower.

Other times, if I’m at home, I will use the windows as a whiteboard. I will write an idea or concept all over a window, the transparency helps me see through a situation.

Today’s post isn’t long, it’s Monday for goodness sake. No, this post is just meant to get things going. Kind of like warming up a car on a cold day…it takes a bit to get the juices flowing.

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Darren has worked with contractors for over 20 years. He is a member of the Construction Marketing Association and has been profiled in NARI, NAHB, Mike Rowe Works and Meet The Pro. He has consulted with companies such as BuildZoom and Houzz for his thought leadership on construction marketing.